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We want to help your practice maximize custom lens fitting success and profitability. Our Professional Relations Representative Dr. Addie Bauer is an expert in specialty lens fitting and has been fitting Valley Contax lenses since 2014. Her mission is to provide top-to-bottom in-person training to help achieve that goal.

Addie Bauer

Adeline Bauer, OD

Professional Relations Manager

  • Fit an average of 200 new scleral lenses a year
  • Graduated from Michigan College of Optometry
  • Cornea and Contact Lens Residency 2014-2015
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and the Scleral Lens Society
  • Clinical Adjunct Faculty at the Michigan College of Optometry
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Turn your practice into a custom lens powerhouse. CLIP is designed to boost and optimize your practice’s custom lens fitting by maximizing fitting success and efficiency. Whether you’re just diving into specialty fitting or you are well established, CLIP can help transform your practice into a custom lens powerhouse.

This program will make you an expert in fitting the Custom Stable Scleral lens as well as Valley Contax's complete line of lenses.

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