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Southern College of Optometry Awards Custom Stable Cup Scholarships

June 17, 2019

Southern College of Optometry recently awarded four scholarships to Morgan Thorson, Zachary Shriver, Lindsay Estel, and Jaelyn DeBerry in recognition of their clinical excellence in contact lenses. The scholarships were won by SCO students at the 2018 Optometry’s meeting in Denver and Academy in San Antonio. Optometry students and alumni were encouraged to participate by visiting the Valley Contax booth where they partnered up and applied the Custom Stable lens with NsFl. SCO, being the school with the lowest average difference between the estimated and actual central clearances was declared the winner. They received four $500 scholarships made available by Valley Contax.

Josh Adams, vice president of Valley Contax said, “With these specialty fitters leading the charge, we know scleral lenses have a bright future. Thanks to all the schools that participated and for each student’s hard work and tenacity. You’re the future of optometry, and we’re excited to see where it goes.”