Custom Stable | Overview

The Cornea Perfected

What would the perfect contact lens look like? It would be custom tailored to fit like a glove, go in easy and wear all day while offering unsurpassed vision and comfort. That's exactly what the Custom Stable line of lenses from Valley Contax does. The result of years of research and development, Custom Stable lenses are manufactured in such a way as to consistently vault the cornea with precision clearance and land with perfectly smooth edges. The result is an optimal tear lens that floats the Custom Stable over the cornea for all day comfort and unsurpassed vision. Patient and practitioner feedback alike are unanimous, the Custom Stable is quickly becoming the go-to lens of choice. Move over small corneal lenses, the future is Stable.

What is Custom Stable?

The Stable system is a revolutionary way to change your contact lens practice, and to change the way that patients view the world. Custom Stable is not about a large diameter lens, it's about the contact lens, perfected.

Lens Sizes


The perfect lens for pediatrics, small apertures/ Corneas, or when corneal clearance requirements are minimal.


The Go-to lens on most fits. Combines a great amount of clearance options, with a wider, softer landing zone.


Perfect lens when the 15.8 does not give the balance of clearance options, with a wider, softer landing zone.


Our highest sagittal option in the series. Use when the patient has large aperture, extreme clearance needs, or previous scleral wear experience.

Lens Options


Increase landing zone options.

Add the "Elite" option to any Custom Stable lens to dramatically increase the first fit success of scleras that need different landing zones on different meridians. Lenses in the Elite fitting set have 200 microns of standard torridity. The flat meridians (lower sagittal height) are layered with an "o" on each side for evaluation purposes. Simply fit the Elite with the same starting formula for sagittal height as the 15.8 stable, check the laser mark for orientation, and over-refract the patient. Simplicity.


A near vision scleral solution.

The "Near" option is designed for any patient who has struggled with the acuity of soft lens multifocals and the comfort of corneal GP lenses. This lens has a front surface application containing a near zone derived from eye dominance and pupil size. Fit this lens exactly like single vision versions, however the near center zone is designed to be 1/2 pupil size on the dominant eye, and 2/3 pupil size on the non-dominant eye.

A Life Changing Lens

The Custom Stable is a lens that is restoring vision and changing lives. Unlike traditional GP lenses that lie directly on the cornea, depriving it of much needed oxygen and hydration, the Custom Stable vaults over the cornea and allows a natural tear lens to form that perfectly contours the cornea providing an exact fit and maximum hydration while also cushioning the lens for increased comfort. In addition, a rotationally symmetrical scleral design makes blinking and lens rotationally symmetrical scleral design make blinking and lens rotation issues a thing of the past. The result is crisp vision and eyes that stay clean, healthy and hydrated all day long. If you haven't introduced the Custom Stable into your practice, now is the perfect time to do it and to start changing lives.

The Manufacturing Process

Our unique Custom Stable manufacturing process begins with precision machinery that shapes optimal materials that outperform anything on the market, soft or stable. Patients and/or practitioners can also choose laser monogramming for additional customization. Along the way, advance analyzing systems ensure the lens conforms with precision. We finish the lens with our Digital Edge Radiusing and Plasma treatment system for a clean, wettable finish and beautiful fit. Finally, patient delivery is first class, providing your contact lens patients with a quality experience from top to bottom.


For Practitioners

For practitioners, the Custom Stable system means faster, easier and more successful fits. Unparalleled support, tools and manufacturing ensure the most fluid fitting experience possible.

For Patients

For patients, Custom Stable is the ultimate contact lens solution. With unique and optimal characteristics built into every lens, they are the easiest wearing and best vision lenses available.


The Custom Stable system is composed of a mix of materials, world class manufacturing and support that make it a unique solution.

Premium Material
Only the most advanced materials are used to create Custom Stable lenses.

Advanced mapping and analyzer ensures premium quality and an exact fit.

Laser Etching
Patients can have their lenses etched for a personalized contact.

DREP (Digital Radial Edge Profile)
Unique edging system that creates a better, more comfortable lens edge.

PLASMA Treatment
Every lens gets treated for maximum wettability and comfort.

Support & Handling
For both the doctor and the patient the industry's best backing for success.