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A smooth fitting lens that can recapture vision and comfort for those struggling with keratoconus, dry eye, post-surgery LASIK and corneal transplant complications and so much more.

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Simplify the Story

Watch the inspiring true story of how the Custom Stable scleral lens transformed and simplified the life of one keratoconus patient.

all day wearing


Wears all day, 12 to 14 hours, with complete comfort. With vision this easy life becomes a whole new experience.

maximum hydration


A natural tear lens forms between the lens and the cornea, bringing perfect hydration. Say goodbye to red, itchy eyes.

true positioning


Rotational symmetry keeps focus crisp at all times while minimal vertical movement delivers ideal comfort.


The Custom Stable is available in many countries including Colombia, India, and Italy. Contact us to find a provider near you.

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what people are saying

Your lenses are AMAZING! They saved me from losing my drivers license and having to have a corneal transplant!

Jill T.

Let me just say that finding your lab and the Custom Stable Elite contact lens has blown me away.

Dr. Johnathon Bundy

After applying the Custom Stable the patient began to cry because he had never been able to see 20/20! IT WAS AWESOME! 

Dr. James Deom

I suffer from keratoconus and was recently fit in Custom Stables. My vision is the most comfortable and clearest I have ever experienced.

Bob V.


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An easy-fitting lens with a symmetrical landing zone.
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With a bi-symmetrical toric landing zone, this lens aligns to the sclera naturally and provides excellent comfort and customization. The Custom Stable Elite is available in the traditional oblate design, as well as a prolate design for ectasias and more pronounced cones.
Toric Landing Zone
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A front-surface multifocal, with the same back surface as the Elite, that achieves all of the demanding vision distances of today’s presbyopes. It is a design that uses a dominate (distance center)/non-dominate (near center) system that works in unison with the patient and accommodative demands.
Total Cost Guaranteed Warranty

Total. Cost. Guaranteed. Warranty

All of the best features at one simple price.No more guess work. Just fit and go.

Order your lenses with our TCG Warranty and get free shipping, free add-on services and upgrades and the freedom to choose any lens material. You'll also get spare lens pricing, unlimited remakes for 120 days (with free shipping), 120-day cancellations and risk-free 100% credit on patient cancellations. In addition, you'll only need to return lenses when there's a defect or when a patient cancels.

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FDA Clearance

Effective for the treatment of dry eye, keratoconus, presbyopia, post LASIK, corneal transplants and more.

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With its ability to maximize lens comfort this unique FDA approved hydrophilic coating is the perfect compliment to the already long wearing Custom Stable.

Custom Stable quadrant system

Make independent adjustments to the Scleral Landing Zone and/or the Limbal Clearance Zone in any of four available quadrants.

Custom Stable edge vault

Use this option to vault over extremely high sections of the cornea/limbus due to a pinguecula or any other form of elevation.

Troubleshooting Guide

Findings Probable Cause Suggested Action
lens rides low too much limbal/central clearance flatten LCZ "+" (100um/step)
vertical meridian of SLZ too flat steepen vertical SLZ "-" 1-2 steps
lens rides high lens too flat steepen LCZ "-" (100um/step)
excessive clearance too steep LCZ lower sagittal depth 1 lens/flatten LCZ
minimal clearance too flat LCZ increase sagittal depth/steepen LCZ
conjunctival prolapse/chelasis too much limbal clearance flatten LCZ (+1 step)
blanching at edges SLZ too steep check location of flat meridian/flatten SLZ accordingly
impingement at elbow too steep of LCZ flatten LCZ (+1 step)
too flat of SLZ flatten LCZ (+1 step) or steepen SLZ (-1 step)
edge liftoff SLZ too flat check location of flat meridian/steepen SLZ accordingly
cloudy after 2 hours or more tear exchange perform NaFl test check location of flat meridian/steepen SLZ accordingly
Findings Probable Cause Suggested Action
inadequate near vision excessive decentration see objective guide
too low of add power raise add power on non-dominant eye
too small add zone increase add zone on non-dominant eye
inadequate distance vision excessive decentration see objective guide
too high of add power in D lens lower add power in D lens
too large of near zone in N lens decrease near zone in N lens
too small of distance zone in D lens increase distance zone in D lens
imbalance/non adapt too high of add power lower add power