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Custom Stable Training Course

The Custom Stable Training Course is designed for students and practitioners who want to learn to fit the best scleral lens on the market, the Custom Stable. Simply watch the video and then take the quiz below.

Attention Students: Our 2019 supply of free student Custom Stable Elite compact fitting sets have run out. We will be relaunching this program again in March 2020 for the class of 2020 and 2021. We encourage you to go ahead and watch the video and practice the questions on the quiz, but you will not be able to submit your information for a complimentary set until March 2020.

Custom Stable Training Course Quiz

Before we begin...

Are you a class of 2019 or 2020 optometry student?

1) Upon insertion of the Custom Stable there is a large bubble, select the appropriate action.

2) What does a dark spot in the center of the Custom Stable indicate when you check it with your blue light?

3) Why is it important to note the location of the laser marks on the Custom Stable Elite?

4) What technique can you use to make the front surface of the Custom Stable more visible in the slit lamp?

5) Steepening the Scleral Landing Zone can reduce excessive edge lift as well as:

6) What indications are the Custom Stable selected for?

7) Which statement best describes a full scleral lens?

8) Which zone in the Custom Stable controls sagittal height the most?

9) How much clearance should there be over the limbus immediately upon application of the Custom Stable lens?

10) What can be a benefit of flattening the Scleral Landing Zone?

11) Which statement best describes Custom Stable removal?

12) How long should the Custom Stable lens settle before checking for blanching and analyzing the overall central clearance?

13) Which statement describes the Custom Stable Elite?

14) If a Custom Stable lens is riding low and temporal, what can you do to correct this?

15) How do you calculate an over refraction on a Custom Stable Elite Front Toric?

16) How much central clearance is acceptable after the settling of the Custom Stable lens?

17) Performing a flatter (+) change in the Limbal Clearance Zone will result in...

18) What should the bowl of the Custom Stable lens be filled with before application?

19) What is the thickness of all Custom Stable lenses in the fitting set?

20) What 15.8 Custom Stable trial lens (or closest to it) would be a good starting point for a patient with K readings of 44.00/48.50?

21) In an OCT image, how much of the lens edge should sink into the conjunctiva/sclera?

22) Where are the laser marks located on the CS Elite?

23) The shaded zone pictured below represents the...

24) If the trial lens used is the 7.85/-2.00/15.8 CS Elite and the lens is rotated 30 degrees left with an over refraction of -1.00-1.50x60 what would your final power be?

25) Performing a steeper change in the Scleral Landing Zone will result in...