Doctor Fitting Videos - Optimal & Ideal


This video demonstrates an optimal fitting Custom Stable lens. Note the limbal clearance, central clearance, and healthy Scleral Landing Zone. There is virtually no movement, as per the standard fitting characteristics of the lens.

This video demonstrates a Custom Stable with more than adequate clearance. It is a healthy fit, and can be dispensed. However this lens could have slightly less clearance and be considered a good fit.

Original Optimal

This video demonstrates a good fit with great central clearance. The limbal zone has slightly less pooling, however would be considered an example of a comfortable, safe, healthy fit.

This video is a cross-section view of the clearance from edge to edge of a Custom Stable lens. The most clearance is centrally, with fully adequate clearance all the way to the limbal junction.

This video brilliantly demonstrates the use of the cross section parrellel piped camera to analyze clearance from limbus to limbus. The corneal thickness, tear layer, and Stable lens thickness are all clearly evident for comparison.

This video uses a variety of images to show an overall view of the Stable lens. The first section, (white light) shows a health landing zone. (note the smooth flow of peripheral cells) As the view changes to a cross section, note the clearance of the lens, and consistent tear pattern.

Ideal Fit OD

This video exhibits a good to high central clearance (400um) with a very mild limbal vault. The appearance of superior low limbal clearance is mainly due to the upper lid. This lens is positioned well, and a healthy fit that could have slightly less central clearance.

This video demonstrates the use of the parallel piped to analyze the clearance on a Stable lens. Note that the thickness of the tear layer is roughly equal to the thickness of the trial lens. (350um)

This video demonstrates a healthy Stable lens landing zone, exhibiting virtually no vessel impingement, this lens could be dispensed, or ordered with one step flat in Scleral Landing Zone.

Stable lens exhibiting a very healthy and successful Scleral Landing Zone. Not the smooth flow of vessels, and the lack of bubbles in zone. This demonstrates the alignment fit that we are looking for.

Ideal Fit OS

This video demonstrates a Stable lens on eye with white light exhibiting the attributes we are looking for: Very little movement, and a healthy conjunctival landing zone.

This video shows all aspects of a healthy fitting Stable lens. Starting with a healthy landing zone in white light, then transitioning into the cross section view to examine clearance.

This video demonstrates a very close up of healthy vessels in the landing zone.

This is a cross section view showing good/slightly excessive central clearance, with adequate limbal clearance.

This video demonstrates the use of a cross section view to examine clearance from edge to edge. Note the central clearance slightly thicker than the contact lens (350um) Limbal Bearing-Lens removed