Buckley Bifocal | Multi-Focal


The Buckley Bifocal is a great solution that has proved worthy over a number of years.

  • Bifocal
Buckely Bifocal Fitting Guide
Lens Type | Bifocal
Diagnostic Lens Color | Blue
  1. Determine the patients 'flat k'.
  2. Start with a lens that is at flat k, or slightly flatter than the flat k.
  3. Evaluate fluorescein to achieve even to slightly flat pattern with good edgelift.
  4. Proper fitting Buckley will settle inferiorly, come up slightly with blink, and then settle back inferior.
  5. Analyze position of segment height to clear the inferior pupil margin. An opthalmoscope is helpful in this evaluation.
  6. Raise or lower segment height depending on position of segment on distance gaze, in normal room lighting.
  7. Perform binocular over-refractions for both distance and near.