Golden Eye AFM | Multi-Focal


The GoldenEye AFM (Aspheric Front Multifocal) is an incredible advancement in GP multifocal fitting.

  • Completely spherical back surface to fit virtually any patient "on K".
  • Highly eccentric front surface to achieve a seamless transition from distance, to intermediate, to close up.
  • Large standard diameter for initial comfort, centration, and near vision performance.
  • Powerful intermediate effect for the demands of personal communication devices.


  • Presbyopic patients who want to improve their quality of vision, and life.
  • Any patient who is struggling with Soft Multifocal Torics, and has struggled with the comfort of conventional GP's in the past.

Lens Parameters

  • This is a custom made product that is manufactured in any range of parameters, and up to a +4.00 add power.
  • Material of choice is Contamac Optimum, or any good wetting material with a higher index of refraction.
  • Available in a dynamic 14 lens fitting set, that is designed with your success in mind.
Golden Eye AFM Fitting Guide
Lens Type | Bifocal
Diagnostic Lens Color | Blue
  1. Achieving translation and acute distance vision is the first step.
  2. Evaluate a good fitting lens which is identical to a single vision lens.
  3. With a near card, determine whether the standard +2.25 add is sufficient.
  4. Call your Valley Contax lens consultant to customize the fit for your patient.