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Michael Bittner, O.D.
Bittner Vision Associates
August 25, 2015
Post LASIK Ectasia
Post LASIK Ectasia followed by collagen cross-linking Attempted fitting with RGP lens but poor vision and unstable fit Fit with Custom Stable Elite provided great comfort, quality vision, corrected to 20/20 Patient was so happy with the performance of this lens that she opted for it in her other eye instead of soft lens!
38 yo female referred by corneal specialist following CXL OD due to post LASIK Ectasia.
BCVA spectacles:
OD: +2.00 - 3.75 x 105 20/40-
OS: -0.50 - 1.25 x 095 20/20
Initially attempted RGP fit OD but the lens was unstable and BCVA 20/25-
Fit with Custom Stable Elite OD, anterior segment OCT shows central corneal clearance after lens has settled. Vision corrected to 20/20 OD.
Patient was so happy with comfort and all day performance of this lens that she wanted the same lens OS instead of a soft toric lens! #corneakungfu
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Brayden Lundquist, O.D.
Cornea, Contact Lens, Refractive Surgery Resident
The Eye Center at Southern College of Optometry
September 1, 2015
21 YO male presents for a specialty contact lens fitting. Referred by ophthalmology following Intacs corneal inserts and corneal crosslinking OS.

POHx: Keratoconus OS>>OD. History of unsuccessful fits with soft and hybrid contact lenses. Unhappy with vision in glasses.

PMHx: Unremarkable

BCVA with glasses:
OD: -5.50 -2.75 x070; 20/30+2
OS: -6.00 -5.00 x170; 20/100-
OU: 20/30+2

Anterior segment:
OD: Clean lids/lashes, trace injection and papillae on inferior conjunctiva, central apical corneal thinning without scarring or striae, A.C. deep and quiet.
OS: Clean lids/lashes, trace injection and papillae on inferior conjunctiva, trace central corneal sub-epithelial scarring and apical thinning, s/p Intacs, A.C. deep and quiet. (see image below)

BCVA with CL:
OD: Custom Stable Elite 15.8dia/4.58sag/7.85bc: 20/20-
OS: Custom Stable Elite 16.8dia/4.98sag.7.85bc: 20/25+ (see image below)
OU: 20/20-

Additional contact lens comments:
Pt initially experienced debris in the tear film that was remedied with the use of 1-2 drops of viscous AT mixed with preservative saline upon insertion. The patient has adapted to the lenses well without debris and no longer requires the ATs.
Pt is extremely pleased with the comfort and vision he experiences with his new scleral lenses.
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