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Josh Adams
Vice President
Valley Contax
February 15, 2016

When you set out to change the world through a better means of vision, it is not a task to be taken lightly. Such was the case when we undertook the challenge of changing the perception of fitting “scleral” contact lenses over eight years ago. Today, the Custom Stable is widely recognized as the industry’s easiest fitting, best wearing scleral lens. Our dedication and investment in this modality has paid off and it’s a testament to Valley Contax’s passion for excellence in everything we do. We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of patients around the world and that begins with providing you, the practitioner, with the best products and support. As the inventor and lead designer of the Custom Stable, I invite you to take a closer look at who we are and the Custom Stable line of lenses. I am confident you’ll be impressed and surprised with all that we have to offer.
custom stable | Prime
The Custom Stable Prime is an easy fitting lens with a symmetrical landing zone. The entire Custom Stable line provides a reverse geometry limbal curve for consistent limbal clearance, and a wide, healthy landing zone.
custom stable | Elite
The Custom Stable Elite combines the successful properties of the Custom Stable Prime with a bi-symentrical toric landing zone. The Elite aligns to the sclera naturally and provides excellent comfort and customization. Fit the Elite with the same Sagittal Height formulas, check the laser “0”s, and over-refract.
custom stable | Aurora
The Custom Stable Aurora is a front surface multifocal that achieves all of the demanding vision distances of today's presbyopes. It is a design that uses a dominate (distance center)/non-dominate(near center) system that works in unison with the patient and accommodative demands.
Lens Sizes
14.8 The perfect lens for pediatrics, small apertures/ corneas, or when corneal clearance requirements are minimal.
15.8 The Go-to lens on most fits. Combines a great amount of clearance options, with a wider, softer landing zone.
16.8 Perfect lens when the 15.8 does not give the balance of clearance and a healthy landing zone. Incredible versatility when fitting pronounced corneas.
17.8 Our highest sagittal option in the series. Use when the patient has large aperture, extreme clearance needs, or previous scleral wear experience.
Lens Shape Comparison
The Custom Stable lens system is designed to fit 100% of the patients in your clinic. Valley Contax has created a system for your success, both for your patient’s visual health, as well as your clinic's bottom line and patient retention. Custom Stable lenses are generated with a dynamic reverse curve that is designed to clear the limbus and land in a healthy manner on the conjunctiva.

All Custom Stable lenses are delivered in our patient friendly system and online support to aid and enhance their fitting experience. Fitting set options are available as economical mix & match combinations in one of three configurations
Fitting Set Options
12 total lenses. You can choose two lenses of any size and design. These fitting set configurations are designed in "six packs" for your convenience. We have combinations to fit every clinical need.
12 total lenses. This configuration would entail having "partner" lenses of any one design. This gives the fitter the opportunity to have the same lens sag on hand when fitting similar eyes.
18 total lenses. With this set, there are more options. Simply chose 3 six packs of CS lenses to mix and match in one convienent case.
24 total lenses. Maximize your fitting options with 4 six packs of your choice.
custom stable
The Custom Stable is a life changing scleral lens that can transform your practice. It fits easy, has exceptional visual acuity and provides all day comfort. With its ability to vault the cornea and create a natural tear lens the Custom Stable™ is a great fit for regular and irregular corneas that need the best in comfort and performance. Contact Valley Contax today to get started.  |  800-547-8815  |  [email protected]
For superior performance and comfort Valley Contax recommends Optimum GP materials by Contamac for the Custom Stable line of lenses.
custom stable | ELITE
Order our 12 lens Custom Stable Elite fitting set at the discounted price of $300 and we’ll give you
your first pair free! Plus if you’re not completely satisfied, return the fitting set within 60 days for a full
refund! Call, email or chat live via our website to take advantage of this amazing offer!
800-547-8815  |  [email protected]  |
custom stable |  TRAINING COURSE
  Want to learn to fit the Custom Stable lens? It’s easy, just visit our website and take the Custom Stable Training Course. It’s free, just watch the 17 minute video and complete the quiz. You’ll receive a certificate of completion and a coupon once you’ve passed.  
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Custom Stable Fridays: Hands-on Education
Want to hit the fast track to learning how to fit the Custom Stable? Join us for one of our Custom Stable Friday sessions. This is a hands-on approach to learning everything you need to know about fitting, application and removal at our state of the art facilities in Springfield, Oregon. Check our website or contact us for available dates and more info.
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