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James Deom O.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.O.
Medical Director of The Scleral Lens Institute
The Dry Eye Center of NorthEastern Pennsylvania
Hazleton and Stroudsburg Eye Specialists
March 1‌5, 20‌16
Custom Stable vs. Cataract Surgery
Case Background
We were called to our local emergency room for an eye injury case where we removed a corneal foreign body and assisted in an intraocular foreign body removal of glass from a patient's eye due to a motor vehicle accident. There was no retinal involvement and the glass was retained and removed from the anterior chamber without complication. The 2‌5 year old male patient suffered no concussion however he did have many shards of glass in his arm which required removal by the ER team.
The patient was given ocuflox qid, Pred Forte qid and atropine bid OS and was asked to return the following day to our office. The patient had a full thickness corneal laceration which was self healing and a corneal abrasion which was still subjectively irritating to the patient. The patient was given an amniotic membrane for 2‌ days in addition to the above drops to help heal the cornea and reduce scar formation.
First Visit
Review of patient's previous records showed that the patient's previous vision with soft contact lenses was
OD -3.0‌0 -0.7‌5 x 18‌0 20/20
OS -2.5‌0 -0.7‌5 X 1‌80 2‌0/20
Acuity at first contact lens fitting
OD 2‌0/2‌0 with habitual soft contact lens
OS 2‌0/8‌0      uncorrected
OS 2‌0/6‌0-1  -2.7‌5 -1.0‌0 X 08‌5
spectacle correction(Smeared)
OS 2‌0/50     -2.5‌0-0.7‌5 X 90
soft toric contact lens
Photograph of Corneal Scar and Traumatic Cataract
Figure 1‌. Anterior Segment Photograph of Corneal Scar and Traumatic Cataract
Custom Stable Elite lens
Figure 2‌. 1‌4.8 Custom Stable Elite lens with 300 microns of central clearance
Figure 3‌. Topography
Custom Stable Lens Selection
The patient was very afraid of cataract surgery and did not want to undergo the procedure if there was any possible way of correcting his vision otherwise.
The patient had small apertures and consulting the Custom Stable fitting guide led to a Custom Stable Elite 1‌4.8.
The patient noted comfort with the lens on and immediate improvement in vision.
2‌0/25 best corrected
We ordered a 1‌4.8 Elite standard limbal zone standard scleral landing zone, over refraction of +1.7‌5 and and observable vault of 300 microns centrally before settling.
Lens Evaluation
The patient noted decreased glare when night driving, all day comfort, and improved vision when compared to his previous soft toric lenses.
Anterior Segment OCT
Figure 4‌. Anterior Segment OCT of full thickness corneal laceration after intraocular foreign body and resultant irregular corneal shape
Custom Stable Elite lens
Figure 5‌ . 1‌4.8 Custom Stable Elite lens with aligned temporal edge
This is a case where a Custom Stable in a smaller than average diameter is fulfilling a need for a normal cornea in case of traumatic corneal irregularity. Although this patient has a traumatic cataract he did not want to get it removed if he did not absolutely have to and he was very happy we went the extra mile to give him this very durable solution.
custom stable
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