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A Custom Stable Vision Project Success Story
  custom stable vision project
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Nicholas Jankowski, OD
Mt. View EyeCare Center
Vancouver, WA
January 15, 2018
Patient: CS, Female, 52 yrs old
Moderate to Severe Keratoconus
Many years ago, this patient was diagnosed with KCN, which has steadily progressed. Initially she was fit with scleral lenses manufactured by Valley Contax. Several years later, her physician noted that her scleral lenses were no longer fitting her well. Upon an evaluation for a corneal transplant, it was determined by her surgeon that her corneas were not requiring surgery and that a refit in scleral lenses was the best option.

Fortunately, her surgeon and I have worked with a few patients before and he referred her to me for her new scleral lens refit. When I saw her initially, she had fantastic distance vision with her current lenses but the fit was poor (likely due to her corneas changing in the last 3-4 years) and the central clearance for each eye was less than 100 um. I chose to fit her into the Custom Stable Aurora design (scleral multifocals) to provide both distance and near vision with good acuity.
Uncorrected VA (Distance & Near)
20/400 OD/OS/OU
Device Parameters
Custom Stable Elite Aurora Lenses +2.25 Add, Center Distance OU
OD: 7.85/15.8/-6.75-0.75x120+2.25 SL: +6/-1; Limbal Lite 1 Step, Sag 4.566, Central Clearance around 250 um
OS: 7.85/15.8/-4.75-1.25x065+2.25 SL: +6/-1; Limbal Lite 2 steps, Sag 4.566 Central Clearance around 225um
After a few visits to fine tune the lenses, the patient returned for her final follow up with the lenses listed above. While we never had any issues with these lenses for the vision (she’s always been able to see a soft 20/20 out of each of them), the biggest factor for her has been the improved comfort. The lenses fit perfectly at this time and she’s achieving OD and OS 20/20-2 OU 20/20-1 for distance with a soft 20/30-2 for near OU.
Additional Comments
My patient (CS) wants me to pass along her thanks and absolute gratitude for Valley Contax approving her for the lenses and being able to participate in the Custom Stable Vision Project program. We called her to tell her she had been approved for the program. She actually didn't return our call to hear the news until a few days after because she was terrified that she would be denied, as she has been with insurances in the past.

After being approved for this program, CS has cried for joy at almost every single visit. Her previous lenses were a choice of either good vision and poor comfort or poor vision. Now, she doesn't have to make that trade-off.

CS has 20+ grandchildren (I cannot remember the exact number) and she said that this is the first Thanksgiving she'll be able to see their faces in a long time. She feels so incredibly blessed to now be able to function. She can read, drive, watch TV and play with her grandchildren. These Custom Stable Aurora lenses have changed her life.
custom stable
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