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Scleral lens correcting Higher Order Aberrations (HOA) caused by irregular corneas*
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Who are the best candidates for the ARES lens?

Patients with complex vision abnormalities arising from Higher Order Aberrations (HOA) caused by corneal irregularities such as keratoconus, post-surgical (e.g. LASIK) complications, injuries resulting in corneal irregularity and high ametropia. These patients usually have night starbursts, glares, and double vision issues.

How should I determine if I should fit a patient with an ARES lens?

The OVITZ xwave aberrometer measures the higher order aberrations profile of the patient and provides tools to understand the impact of the aberration on the patient’s vision.

Do I need an OVITZ xwave aberrometer to fit the ARES lens?

Yes. OVITZ xwave aberrometer is the only all-in-one aberrometer that can provide all the necessary ocular and lens data in order to design and produce an effective wavefront guided ARES lens.

How much is an OVITZ xwave aberrometer system? 

There is a modest monthly subscription fee with risk free cancellation (no upfront investment needed). Please contact OVITZ ( or Valley Contax for more information. 

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"What I call 20/Happy Vision!"

Hear more about Ares lenses on: 'Try Not to Blink: The Optometry Life' 


"Seeing Better Through ARES Lenses"

Dr. John Gelles reports on patient improvements using ARES lenses.
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