Rev Geo | Post Surgery


  • Large diameter for increased comfort and centration.
  • Corneal-scleral lens design
  • Solves most all GP and Soft lens fitting issues
  • The obvious go-to lens.
  • Manufactured in Contamac Optimum material.


  • Patients with chronic 3-9 staining
  • Astigmatic patients who have unsuccessfully tried wearing a spherical lens.
  • Patients who are not completely satisfied with soft toric comfort and acuity.
  • Patients who are GP intolerant or have a sensitivity to wearing contact lenses

Lens Parameters

  • Any base curve radius
  • Diameter - 11.0mm
Rev Geo Fitting Guide
Lens Type | Reverse Geometry
Diagnostic Lens Color | Blue
  1. The selection of the base curve is determined by 'mean K'.
  2. The lens should demonstrate 1 - 2 mm of movement and an alignment pattern across the horizontal meridian.
  3. Analyze the peripheral curve for an alignment pattern with an adequate edge lift, if adjustments are needed, use the step system to customize the fit.
  4. Over-refract the patient to arrive at a spherical power change for best visual acuity, if possible.
  5. If a cylinder over-refraction is necessary, report your findings to a Valley Contax lens consultant to finalize the lens parameters.