CAD Flex | Single Vision


CAD lenses are a corneal GP lens that are an easy fit, cylinder control lens. CAD lenses are laser engraved with the BC and Power for diagnostic organization.

CAD Flex Fitting Guide
Lens Type | Single Vision
Diagnostic Lens Color | Blue
  1. Select the diagnostic lens closest to the flat K. The base curve should be adjusted steeper or flatter until an alignment fluorescein pattern is noted centrally across the flat corneal.
  2. Ideal vertical movement of 2-3mm is imperative to achieve a healthy, comfortable fit.
  3. The ideal lift of the CAD design should exhibit peripheral clearance when the lens is resting in its primary position (slight superior). If the .12 (average) edge lift of the diagnostic lens exhibits peripheral impingement, a .14 edge lift should be ordered. If the .12 edge lift diagnostic lens exhibits excessive clearance, a .10 edge lift should be ordered.
  4. The lens power can easily be calculated empirically by refraction over a diagnostic lens.